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Welcome To Dino Ranch

The Sun rises. A Pterodactyl crows. Dinosaurs roar! And a dedicated family of dinosaur riding Dino Rancheroos hit the saddles to race off for another day of fun-filled, free-range roping and riding!

Dino Ranch is a pre-school adventure series set in an ‘pre-westoric’ wild west where real dinosaurs roam. Tame ones. Wild ones. And even wilder ones if you’re brave enough to venture out beyond the fences into the Badlands.

Dino Ranch – the ultimate playground – is a working ranch, dino sanctuary, and home to the tight knit Cassidy family. There’s Jon and his speedy raptor, Blitz; Miguel, and his tiny but mighty triceratops, Tango; and Min and her big-hearted Brontosaurus, Clover. All are training to be ranchers under the sure and steady guidance of their Ma and Pa.

The thrill-a-minute series introduces preschoolers to problem solving, the foundations of forging, life-long friendships, strengthening family and community bonds, and is full of dino-driven fun allowing young viewers at home to discover the thrill of ranch life while navigating the great outdoors.

Jon & Blitz

It's Veloci-time!

Meet Blitz, the fastest raptor on the ranch and Jon's best friend! Jon and his velociraptor, Blitz, are now available for costume character meet & greets! Jon is the oldest sibling of the Cassidy family and is a confident, brave, fearless rider and risk taker, with a natural ease with animals of all kinds. Book your appearance with Jon and Blitz now!